Upholstery Tips for Clean and Beautiful Furniture

Upholstery Tips for Clean and Beautiful Furniture

Upholstery tips are invaluable pieces of information for homeowners to have. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be going for wooden pieces of furniture for your whole house; if you’re looking for comfort and the utmost relaxation, your best bet would be upholstered furniture. The thing is, for the beauty and the comfort they contribute to your home, you also have to do your part by keeping your upholstery clean. This is where the tips come in.

Once you’ve chosen appealing and high quality pieces of furniture, you have to ensure that you give your upholstered furniture a vacuuming and light brushing once a week. Sure, you may have purchased the most beautiful looking furniture but if it’s dirty, it won’t do you any good. If dirt gets onto the fabric, you can take care of it before it actually gets into the upholstery. Following this simple tip, you can maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your upholstered furniture.

For couches and easy chairs, you should reverse cushions on these once a week too. When you follow these upholstery tips, the cushions will wear out evenly. If you make it a habit of reversing your cushions, you also have a better chance of spotting stains. Before the stains even set, you can take care of them and clean them out of the fabric. With regard to the stains, you can generally remove them with a mild cleaner. A great tip to remember is to start with a very weak solution when cleaning stains out of your upholstered furniture; and always follow the products directions as this could void a furniture warranty if you have one.

When the cleaning day for upholstered furniture comes, the best upholstery tip is that you must use an effective cleaner. The best cleaner for your upholstered furniture will be something that is safe for the fabric and one that doesn’t have any abrasive elements or harsh chemicals. You might like to purchase a cleaner that will deodorize the upholstery at the same time. Before you set out with using the cleaner on your furniture, brush loose dirt off your furniture; this can be done with your hand or a vacuum. This process ensures that you won’t be rubbing and spreading dirt into the fabric of your furniture.

If you’re dealing with stained areas, you can use a strong brush for cleaning your upholstery. However, don’t rub the fabric too hard or you might make a hole in the fabric where the cleanliness of the furniture will be the least of your problems. Give a few minutes for the cleaner to set and then you can wipe away the stain with a damp cloth or sponge. Also, don’t forget to completely and carefully dry your upholstered furniture when you’re done cleaning it. You can turn a fan on the furniture for a quick dry of the furniture’s fabric. By following these simple upholstery tips, you will always have clean and beautiful upholstered furniture.

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