Upholstered Furniture Shopping Secrets and Tips

Upholstered Furniture Shopping Secrets

First, always MEASURE, MEASURE, and MEASURE. Now you can see where you want to put your selection. A very easy method to see how the furniture will fit is to use some masking tape. With the measurements you took at the store, lay the tape out on the floor as if it was your choice of furniture. If it is to large or to small, better to find out before you buy it. You might be able to purchase the same style of furniture you like in a slightly different size. What room it goes in tells you whether you need a sofa, sectional, chairs or a combination of pieces. A very large factor as to what you buy is very simple. Will it fit in your front door and can you get it up your steps, if you have them? Next, will the scale of the furniture properly fit the room? Maybe several chairs will be better than a sectional, or chairs and a small sofa. This tip will help you decide which pieces of furniture will work well for you.

Color choice can be very confusing. The lights in the store can visually change the color as to how it actually looks in your home. When you go looking, always bring a color sample of the paint on your walls and a carpet sample. These two items are important because you will be able to narrow down your choices. Many pieces of furniture are bought from the floor samples and, unless custom, have no samples.

Shop around to different retailers to see if the same, or similar furniture is available at a better price. A very important tip for you is this fact. Just because the furniture has a high price tag from a fancy store, doesn’t mean it is a good and sturdy piece of furniture. Try to inspect the seams and edges to see if you can see poor workmanship or exposed staples. Be sure it is sturdy and well made.

The variety of fabrics is as endless as the types of furniture available. Here’s a great tip. On most furniture, under a cushion a tag is probably glued to the base of the piece. This has the cleaning codes on it. These codes will tell you basically how to maintain and have the furniture professionally cleaned. These codes are especially important because, if you understand them, will tell you how well and easy the furniture will be to keep clean. The primary codes you want to look for are W or W-S. The two codes tell you that using water based spotting or cleaning procedures is safe for that fabric. The 2 codes are telling you that the fabric will be easier for you to keep clean and have professionally cleaned with great results. There are other codes, but these are best for you.

The second major advantage to purchasing upholstery fabric with the above codes is that no stain repellant is required. This fact is something else retailers won’t tell you. Even though these types of fabrics don’t require stain repellant treatments; you might still feel more comfortable having it applied. Ask a lot of questions and find out what is or is not covered or NOT by the warranty and see it in writing. Keep in mind; NO stain repellant is a plastic protective sheet. Some spills can still cause permanent stain damage. How long is the warranty active? If the stain does not come out, do they replace the whole piece of just the effected section? Keep in mind, chances are that the replacement section will be of a different dye lot and might not match the rest of the chair or sofa. Ask for references from people who have purchased the warranty to see if they are happy.

These basic tips and secrets I have shared with you will make your upholstered furniture purchase a more pleasurable experience. With this information you will be able to select the furniture that will be easiest to care for and last much longer. You will enjoy your purchase instead of worrying about it.

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