Tips on Furniture Arrangement in a Small BedroomCreating an inviting and cozy living space in a small bedroom may be challenging. Smaller bedrooms are usually more difficult to decorate than larger ones due to shortage of floor area. However, your bedroom can be comfortable and cozy. Arranging the furniture appropriately makes it possible to make the best use of space. You can create a comfortable living space with the right furniture. Below, you will find some useful tips on furniture arrangement in a small bedroom.

The bed is the focal point to any bedroom. It is the most important and largest piece of furniture in the bedroom. When you are selecting a bed, make sure to consider the size of your bedroom. For example, if your bedroom is small, you may not want to buy a king size bed. A bed too big can shrink the look of the space. If the room is for you, a queen bed rather than a king bed will be ok. If the room is for your kids, opt for bunk beds or trundle beds. Besides considering the floor space, you need to consider vertical space as well when choosing a bed. For instance, a canopy bed cannot be placed in a small bedroom, as it will fill the vertical space of the room and make the room appear cluttered. If you must have a king bed, make the best use of the space under the bed for storage. You can also choose a bed with drawers underneath the bed. It creates a perfect storage place for your clothes and other small items.

Place the bed against and in the center of your widest wall in the room, but not under a window that is frequently opened. Windows invite drafts that may make you feel sick. If you must do so, keep the window closed all the time. Nor can the bed be the obstruction to the opening of other furniture pieces in the room. And a lower bed can reduce its mass and save more vertical space.

Nightstands, Dressers and Closets: 

Nightstands add more bulk to a small bedroom. You may free up the floor space by replacing it with a shelf of the same height. But if you have to have a nightstand, choose one that has a more open design which will help create the vision of space. You may want to replace you wide dresser with a tall and skinny one to save space. Or you do not need a dresser in your bedroom at all. Eliminate your dresser by putting your clothes in the closet and applying your makeup in the bathroom. Outfit the closet with a storage system of drawers, shelves and rods that optimize storage. If that cannot work due to shortage of floor space, choose a closet that reach all the way to ceiling. This frees up more space in your room.

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