Furniture Moving Tips - Perform a Safe Move

Furniture Moving Tips – Perform a Safe Move

Attempting to move pieces of furniture, whether it be for yourself or a family member or friend, can be a very difficult and dangerous thing to do. Most large items of furniture that you will be attempting to move will be very heavy and will sometimes have to be physically maneuvered through outdoor ways in order to fit in and out of homes without damaging the integrity of the structure. Certain items, such as couches and other living room pieces of furniture, will take a lot of maneuvering to get them to where you want to go. This can be very physically taxing and if not done properly can often result in severe injury.

A simple tip that should always be taken into account when lifting a heavy piece of furniture with another person is to always left at the same exact time and stay in constant communication. If one person is getting their grip ready and another person immediately lets up on the object, not only will the other person likely drop their end, this can also easily put harsh strain on their back, causing a severe injury. This is why letting each other know when you will lift, as well as what you were going to do once you have to item in the air, is of paramount importance.

Another very helpful tip is that when you go to move dressers, cabinets, and desks with moving drawers and doors, you need to prepare these extensively before you lift them. First of all, dressers will often be filled with many objects inside of their drawers, adding to the weight and making it a much more difficult thing to left. You should start by emptying out all of the loose objects within these items in an effort to relieve the strain that will be placed on your body once you attempt to lift it.

Second, you need to use a form of shrink wrap or rubber bands to keep that roars from opening in shedding as you lift it up and down stairs. The slightest turn in the angle that you are lifting it could propel the drawers and cabinets to extend fully and crashed into other objects such as walls and doors. Obviously nobody wants this to happen as it will definitely put damage on both the object and the home you are moving into or out of.

These are very helpful tips when it comes to moving furniture two in from a home. Moving heavy items for extended periods of time is not always a recommended physical activity.

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