A Few Fantastic Tips on Furniture StorageMoving and storing furniture often contains its own unique set of problems. For one thing, it is large and heavy, which makes transporting it difficult to do. At the same time, furniture can be very fragile and vulnerable to damage during the moving phase. These are the primary reasons why people so often opt to let professional furniture movers handle this end of the job.

A Few things to Consider

Then of course there is the storage end of the equation to deal with. For that you have your local mini-storage facility to help you out. However; before you head on down to rent you a storage space there are a few things that you will want to consider.

Rent a large Enough Storage Unit

For instance, try to determine how much space your furniture will take up in storage. You will want to make sure that you rent a storage unit that will accommodate your furniture and then some. The reason being, that if you are going to be stacking your furniture on top of each other and causing damage you may want to opt for professional storage instead.

Rent the Right Truck to Haul With

When hauling the same size rule should apply. It is better to have too large a truck to haul your furniture in then one that is too small and leaves you stacking your furniture on top of each other. Also, remember to get a U-Haul truck that has a mechanical “lift ramp” in back if you are going to be transporting heavy items such as refrigerators or washers and dryers.

Use Boxes of Mouse Poison

Once you have moved your furniture and have it contained in your storage unit. There are a few last items that you will need to tend to. One of them is to place a few boxes of mouse poison around inside of your unit. You would like to think that the management is on top of this. The next item you will need to tend is buying big heavy lock for your unit not a cheapo lock.

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